Creative Highlight Films

Hey! How'd you get here?! Well, you must be pretty special to have been given this link.

While photography is our main gig, Jaydee's got a hidden superpower in film making. 

Our Films are relaxed and candid. They aren’t long cinematic productions. They are fun, short and give you all those feelings you had on the day.

We realise your photography package will drop from to 1 photographer so we take this into consideration

by offering you a super special price of (drum rolllll):




this includes  full day coverage put together into a 4-6 minute creative highlight film to music (no audio). 

Coverage includes both you and your partner getting ready right through until after the first dance. 

All videos are delivered online. 

If you'd like you can add on a full version of your ceremony and speeches for $500. 


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Got some questions? Here are some Answers!

You: We love you guys because you obviously make a great team, will we still get great photos if we get Jaydee to do video?

Lyndal: Hell yeah! The main thing that it affects is the schedule of the day.

Instead of Jaydee going to one of you in the morning an I go to the other we stick together. All that this means is that we usually get the guys to get ready a little earlier. It's easy for them to get undressed if need be but it's better for us both to be there shooting the same thing rather than doing 're-do's', we're not into the fake stuff. 

>>Scroll down to the video and underneath each is a link to their full photography gallery so you can get an idea of what you'll receive. <<

You: We were really keen on the idea of having 2 photographers but we just HAVE to have one of Jaydee's film. What do we do?!

Lyndal: If for some reason we can't work out the schedule of the day and you'd really like a second photographer that's totally fine. Over the years we've made some great photographer friends who we fully trust and have worked with many times. The cost of their time is all we ask to be covered which is $500. 

You: The description say  " 'to music' (no audio) "  but there is audio in some of your films, please explain?

Lyndal: Even though we've been prepared up to wahzoo we've been thrown a few curve balls in regards to audio. Super windy days are the main culprit. We've also had celebrants and/or venues who's sound systems don't work, people turn off or unplug our audio equipment by accident. So as everything, we like to under promise and over deliver if conditions permit (wink wink).

You: Can we please have (insert horribly corny song here) as the music to our video?

Lyndal: GET OUT! haha jokes, jokes. Jaydee spends ALOT of time picking the right music to suit the feel of your day. We don't use well known songs for 2 reasons. 1. It kind of feels like a weird music clip.  2. To licence a well-known song you will have to sell your first born on the black market. 


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