95% of the compliments/comments were about how amazing the video was and how sassy and rad you are!
— Mitch & Shannon

Step One:

Hit send!


We can’t wait to capture your love story, so send your enquiry through. We want to make sure we’ve got your special day available. We’ll also send through a detailed description of what’s included in each package. Any questions? We’re just a phone call away.





Step Two:

Select your collection.


Once you’ve selected your package, we’ll prepare the services agreement. You’ll sign it and seal the deal with a 50% booking fee. Then we’re all yours for your wedding date.

Collections + packages start at $3600.




Step Three:

The engagement shoot.


Available in most packages, engagement shoots are the perfect way to get you feeling comfortable in front of the camera while capturing some gorgeous images of you as a gleefully engaged couple.





Step Four:

Before the big day


As your wedding day excitingly approaches, we’ll work on a timeline for the day. Having a timeline ensures we capture every single moment that makes your day special. It’ll also help you relax, knowing everything’s taken care of.


Step Five:

The big day


While we’ve got a timeline to make sure we don’t miss a memory, there’ll be plenty of time for you to do your thang. Relaxing, sipping bubbles, laughing with your friends and just being you.

These candid memories really tell your story and when you look through them you’ll be able to feel all the feels from your special day all over again.



Step Six:

It's a wrap


While you’re off honeymooning like it’s your job, we’ll be perfecting your beautiful photographs.

You’ll receive your own website with all your images which you can share easily via email, Facebook, or a direct download to the full resolution image files.

Custom made albums will be ready for you too. 



...And then they lived happily ever after